Llama shirts ready!

So, I wimped out of going to Guild tonight, even though I wanted to.  I am a weak person!  It was too dark and rainy and too far a drive. Anyhow, I worked last week and then today to get the shirts done so I could bring them to show off, deliver a couple that I promised, and to leave some with Linda for her to consign at the shop.  So, I will present a couple of them here so you can see. pict0090.jpg  Pink sheep with “Got Wool?” and pink sheep with no text.pict0087.jpg Lilac, pink & orange llama with no text. pict0089.jpg  Llama on pink with no text.  If you are part of River Cities Fiber Clan or local to me, the shirts are $20 each for adult sizes.  Youth $15.  Infant onesies $10.  Let me know if you want me to SAVE a shirt for you (heaven knows when I will make more!).  As of today, the available shirts are: pink:  

  • youth 4/5 with “got wool?” sheep
  • unisex 2xl with “got wool?” sheep
  • infant small onesie with “got wool?” sheep
  • unisex xl with no-text sheep
  • ladies sport-cut small with llama


  •  youth xs/s “got wool?” sheep
  • ladies large v-neck “got wool?” sheep
  • unisex xl “got wool?” sheep
  • unisex med “got wool?” sheep
  • girls/youth long-sleeve 4 “got wool?” sheep (has tiny hole, $5 off)
  • unisex large “got wool?” sheep
  • unisex xl llama

lilac (light purple):

  •  ladies’ xl v-neck “got wool?” sheep
  • infant small onesie “got wool?” sheep
  • youth xs “got wool?” sheep
  • youth med “got wool?” sheep
  • unisex 2xl sheep with no text
  • unisex large llama with no text



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