Happy New Year!

fireside footiesfireside footies

I got the Fireside Footies done.  Actually, two pairs.  This is a horrible photo.  The footies felted a LOT and the other pair was supposed to be for my SIL, but maybe they will fit my 4-year-old niece…That photo was even worse.
I am very cavalier about felting/fulling and usually just stick ’em in the washer in a lingerie bag and come back at the end.  Apparently it would have been a better plan to check on the footies after a few minutes.
Anyhow, now I’ve made 3 pair.  The first were for me.  The ones in the photo were from hand-blended hand-dyed wool & alpaca fiber handspun into yarn by me, knitted into the giant clown slippers as per Pippi’s pattern and felted. 
We had a nice, mostly quiet Christmas.  Santa managed to bring the “most needed” gifts for the boys.  Andrew’s parents came for a visit.  We hung out around the house.  On a walk in the neighborhood we saw TWO pileated woodpeckers in the same tree!!  The boys were supposed to go back to school today, but instead they had a snow day and have been out playing.
Last weekend we had our Guild meeting and in the fiber exchange I got some lovely rainbow roving and have started spinning it.  Working on the second sock from Tofuties.  Knitting a hat for DH out of handspun that is one single plyed with a strand of variegated wooly nylon thread. 

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