No more knitting for my husband.

I will not be (certainly not in the next year or two!) knitting anything for my husband.  There. He has asked me, previously, to knit him a fine gauge grey sweater.  I knew THAT would be a bad idea.  I’m not that great a sweater-knitter and he is too darned picky and I knew I would HATE him if I spent hundreds of hours knitting an expensive garment that he would never wear.  Call L.L. Bean or Land’s End, I said.   

Last year he was looking over my shoulder when I was browsing a Knit Picks catalog and said, oooh, can you get some of THAT yarn and make me a hat?  The yarn in question was alpaca/silk/wool.   He has worn it two or three times.    

I had several skeins of handspun that I was going through, selecting which to bring to the Guild Christmas party exchange.  He picks up one of the skeins and says, don’t give this one away, make me a hat from it.  Okay, I say.  I proceed to make the hat.  I finish the hat.  He puts hat on his head for approximately 3 seconds and says, too big, and it is too pink.  I nearly killed him!  He ASKED me to use this VERY YARN!  He didn’t even make a show of thinking about the hat!  hat  

No more knitting for him.  Maybe ever. His FATHER said, earlier, that if DH didn’t like the hat, he’d take it.  Now I have to figure out whether I should send it off or not. 


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