Joined “macuwita sni” knitting group:

I haven’t started with a project for it yet, but it looks lovely and I wanted to add it to my blog.  Knitting with superwash seems like the best option–wool and washable.
Kary from the Knotty Sheep moderates the yahoo group, and these are the rules for the group
 This part is quoted from the Yahoo group:

“Macuwita sni” is a Lakota term which translates to: “I’m not cold”! The several thousand children of the Cheyenne River Sioux in South Dakota need our hand knitted wool sweaters!!!If you love to knit & want to open both your heart & stash to warm a child …. do join! There are no fees … no schedules …. no requirements – well, I guess wool yarn, a little time and a little mail money to send your creation to SD are the basics which you will need.Our focus is child sized clothing – size 2 -14. WOOL is WONDERFUL – although a wool/acrylic blend is OK as long as the concentration of wool to acrylic is higher. ~ (No cottons or 100% acrylics please!)~Please consider a larger size too. Yes – it may take a wee bit longer to knit & use a wee bit more yarn – but older children are sometimes over looked. Heck the style *is* oversized anyway!Got extra wool?? Maybe a hat … or mittens … or sox … or vest! This group is a work in progress … let us have fun & knit or crochet!! It would be wonderful if we heard “Macuwita sni ” yelled out, loud & clear!

One Response to “Joined “macuwita sni” knitting group:”

  1. Kary Says:

    Woo-WHOO! Thanks so much for the BloG mention!! This is SO awesome. Keep on knitting!

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