Mitts for Christopher & he wants a hat…

When I finished my Maine Morning Mitts, my 6 year old son said he would like some.  This is the person living in my house most likely to actually wear/use something knitted for him, so I did it.  The Boku was a little too scratchy for him, so I used some handspun superwash that he thought was an acceptable combination of colors.

He has actually been wearing the mitts!mitts Christopher
Yesterday it was COLD here (remember, I’m in WV, so this is a relative thing, but we went out to the movies and I couldn’t warm up…) so I was wearing my earflap hat around in the house and he said he would like one of those, too.  I would let him have mine, but it is Noro Kureyon and also too scratchy for him.  So I got out the remains of the yarn I’d made him mitts out of and reskeined it and partially over-dyed it with red food coloring.yarn for hat

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