The kids were off on Friday last week.  Teacher workday.  They were off on Monday for MLK day.  They went to school on Tuesday.  Then a big water main busted downtown and they cancelled school for Wednesday and said if you lost water on Tuesday you had to boil.  We didn’t.  Yesterday MORE water pipes broke and they cancelled school again TODAY because we are still on a boil water and it is extended to EVERYONE.  So I got to spend my morning boiling and bleaching and supervising.  Was going to take Christopher to get his flu shot (somehow he hasn’t gotten his yet) and it started to freaking snow.  

My Mazda has the original (i.e., high performance but crappy on snow, says DH) tires and so I’m not sure I want to go out in it.  I know this is very wimpy.  Looks like the snow stopped.  Neighbor kid came over to play and is making me nuts.  So bossy and loud!  The kids like having him/her over, though…Sigh.

Anyhow, I think I’ll throw him out a bit after 2 pm and I can still take Christopher to get his flu shot before 3 pm.

I wanted to go buy some new yarn (and more hand gel and paper towels, etc etc etc), but I won’t drive all the way up to the AC Moore with snow with my silly tires.
Finished Christopher’s earflap hat yesterday.  Might post photo later. 



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