Two hats

pict0253.jpg Christopher’s earflap hat–he didn’t want braids or ties.  It is handspun superwash that I overdyed and then knit up.   pict0254.jpgMy Boku hat to match my fingerless mitts.   I made a VERY slapdash light box.  I was too lazy to even cover all of the brown cardboard.  But, I do think it might have helped, so maybe I’ll make a “real” one.  This one was a bit too small.  I also need a “head” to photograph hats on.  Do you get those at a beauty-supply shop or someplace?  I don’t want to buy a wig to go on it, but the patterns that show the hat on a head always make it easier to figure out what it really looks like.   They ended the boil water advisory and sent the kids back to school yesterday!  But, then it was really cold and my NEW car wouldn’t start!  Had to get it jumped and then fool around with charging up the battery, which was boring.  Didn’t really want to go “someplace” and have it die again… 


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