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Spinning video

February 29, 2008

I’m afraid it isn’t all that great, but a short video of my drafting/spinning.  It isn’t a short draw, but I don’t think it is really what most people describe as a long draw either.  I hold the unspun fiber in my right hand, but I don’t do the pinch pull slide thing.  I just HOLD the fiber  (a few inches back from the drafting triangle area) and I pull forward, toward the orifice with my left hand, not too close to the orifice or too close to the unspun fiber.I am spinning some Wilton-dyed superwash roving from the Sheep Shed Studio — just about my favorite place to buy fiber, because it is sooooo inexpensive (as in, almost cheaper than buying yarn, not counting all the time it takes to spin–but it is cooler than cheap yarn and I can’t justify spending big bucks on fancy designer yarn, which is mostly what I like.  It is not that I’m really into lots of really fancy stuff, but I LIKE to have handpainted and/or variegated yarn in wool or superwash wool that I can afford.  That seems to be hard to find!).


Teeny Runway–show & voting

February 26, 2008 (above) is a link to the “rules” and where to vote.You can link to the photoshoot from there or go directly from here.Mine is  #51.  I think the cat in the hoodie & jeans is my favorite (after my own, of course!)…The sock monkey in the dress must have been an awful lot of work!  The rat in the cape is TOO CUTE–my rats would never allow themselves to be dressed up like that! I was awfully impressed by the colorwork(?) on the Heroic Sloth and the cute little pirate, and I really liked Jill the Baboon (?) in her Oscar’s gown!  What fun!!!  🙂

Teeny Runway submission & Ann Shaye

February 25, 2008

oooooh, I got a response back from Ann Shaye at Mason Dixon!  I’m so excited!  

Oh, my goodness, Grace!  This is just too funny.  Way to use house colors!  And I think the collar really sets off Hedwigs eyes beautifully. This is surely one happy client. Thanks so much for cooking this up! I can’t wait to show everybody.x0x0x0xx0 Ann      

I’m trolling around to see what other people have on their blogs–soon the entries will be up on Mason Dixon, since the deadline approaches quickly!   Suze entered a seal in a tuxedo in her Mad Knitting blog.  And here is a fancy bride sheep from Major Knitter.  And a gorilla sweater from the House Elf Liberation Front.  


Teeny Runway for Mason Dixon

February 24, 2008

hedwigMason Dixon knitting blog has a contest going on and I want to enter!The yarn is handspun superwash wool in burgundy, saffron & white.  The client is a little Hedwig owl toy.  I knit her a Gryffindor house-color cape.  I took a lot of photos and my 9-year old judged this to be the closest to the perfect iconic photo I needed to enter the contest.   

SCA White Hart

February 24, 2008

So, surprise surprise (really!) Andrew was made a Companion of the Order of the Gold Alces and I was made a Companion of the Order of Sycamore.

 Andrew said that someone said we should stay for Court (which we’ve never done, and today the King & Queen were there).  So we did.  Ack!  I had NO idea what I was supposed to do and hadn’t been paying that much attention to the people who were called before me. 

I had been sitting around knitting with handspun yarn and when I went “strolling” I talked to another woman who was spinning on a Babe wheel (who, turns out to be a Baroness or something from Midrealm).  This Alex said that we ought to both bring our Babe wheels and spin at Blackstone Raids in April.  I made some comment, hoping that we wouldn’t get in trouble from authenticity police–but, I guess if she’s a Baroness we won’t be in too much trouble, huh? 

Also this afternoon the Queen came by the table where I was selling muffins and little felted pouches and felted mittens and tried on some mittens and asked me about the pattern/shape and if it was period.  I said that I wasn’t sure, but I’d seen wet-felted mittens made on a form that were supposed to be period and well, a mitten is usually a mitten shape.  Anyhow, she asked me to hold these mittens for me and then when they called me up she announced something about how she’d heard of my spinning ability and then gotten these mittens from me and then realized that I was the same person.

 I am not sure who recommended me for the award of arms–Andrew thinks it was probably Elspeth, who has previously been Queen (now a Baroness and in our Shire) and very political and politic in SCA. 


February 22, 2008

I was poking around and found this recipe on Mother Earth News but I am too impatient to wait that long (like, all day!) for bread.   I made it once, nearly following the recipe, but forgot it rising all night when I oughtn’t have waited quite that long.  It was very flat.  And it didn’t take as long to brown–so it was a little over-browned for my tastes.  But it did taste pretty good. So then I remade it with pretty much my regular bread recipe, and mixed it up in my bread maker and when it was partway through the second rise I dumped it into a big heavy pyrex bowl and oiled it and covered it with a big heavy ceramic plate and let it rise again.  Then I baked it mostly as directed (covered for 30 minutes in a HOT over, I used around 450 instead of 475, then uncovered it for another 5-10 minutes to brown).  Pretty good crust!  Nice and moist.  Can’t decide if it is worth repeating… 

Cabled hat, spun border leicester, swatching for Viking acorn cap

February 8, 2008

cabled hatFinished the organic cotton cabled hat.

 Didn’t take any decent photos of it.

Spun up the black (with brown tips) border leicester wool that I got raw off one of the other Spindlers.  Made two ply yarn.  The fleece was washed (by me) and picked through and then I spun “from a cloud”.  The washed yarn seems nice enough–but it still has VM in it.  I knit up a swatch and am felting it so I can figure out how many stitches to cast on for the acorn cap.  I am hoping to get it done before White Hart (local SCA event) so that I can enter it in the A&S competition (arts & sciences) as spinning and knitting and felting.

Knit Night 2/4/08

February 4, 2008

Hey!  We are having the first (new) Knit Nite at the main branch of the Cabell County Public Library tonight. Up on the 4th floor at 6 pm while the kids have storyhour (kids may come knit, too, if they are interested and have a grownup to help them–*my* kids will be in storyhour).  

Tonight we will make our own needles and start working on learning the knit stitch.

You may bring needles & yarn if you have them, but don’ t let that stop you!
All levels of knitters are welcome (if you already know what you are doing, would you be willing to help new people?)!  
Bring something to show off if you want!
Invite a friend or two, too! 

grace 🙂