SCA White Hart

So, surprise surprise (really!) Andrew was made a Companion of the Order of the Gold Alces and I was made a Companion of the Order of Sycamore.

 Andrew said that someone said we should stay for Court (which we’ve never done, and today the King & Queen were there).  So we did.  Ack!  I had NO idea what I was supposed to do and hadn’t been paying that much attention to the people who were called before me. 

I had been sitting around knitting with handspun yarn and when I went “strolling” I talked to another woman who was spinning on a Babe wheel (who, turns out to be a Baroness or something from Midrealm).  This Alex said that we ought to both bring our Babe wheels and spin at Blackstone Raids in April.  I made some comment, hoping that we wouldn’t get in trouble from authenticity police–but, I guess if she’s a Baroness we won’t be in too much trouble, huh? 

Also this afternoon the Queen came by the table where I was selling muffins and little felted pouches and felted mittens and tried on some mittens and asked me about the pattern/shape and if it was period.  I said that I wasn’t sure, but I’d seen wet-felted mittens made on a form that were supposed to be period and well, a mitten is usually a mitten shape.  Anyhow, she asked me to hold these mittens for me and then when they called me up she announced something about how she’d heard of my spinning ability and then gotten these mittens from me and then realized that I was the same person.

 I am not sure who recommended me for the award of arms–Andrew thinks it was probably Elspeth, who has previously been Queen (now a Baroness and in our Shire) and very political and politic in SCA. 

2 Responses to “SCA White Hart”

  1. mary ann Says:

    help! need SCA felting info. where to look, etc.

  2. goodnessgraciouswv Says:

    Mary Ann–

    It depends what sort of felting you are interested in. These felted bags I made from Goodwill sweaters that I partially felt in the washing machine, cut & sew with wool yarn, wash & dry again in the machine. The mittens are made similarly, although I have also seen wet-felted mittens made on a last-type thing. I have done a tiny amount of needle-felting and wet-felted little wool “jackets” for soaps.

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