Spinning video

I’m afraid it isn’t all that great, but a short video of my drafting/spinning.  It isn’t a short draw, but I don’t think it is really what most people describe as a long draw either.  I hold the unspun fiber in my right hand, but I don’t do the pinch pull slide thing.  I just HOLD the fiber  (a few inches back from the drafting triangle area) and I pull forward, toward the orifice with my left hand, not too close to the orifice or too close to the unspun fiber.I am spinning some Wilton-dyed superwash roving from the Sheep Shed Studio — just about my favorite place to buy fiber, because it is sooooo inexpensive (as in, almost cheaper than buying yarn, not counting all the time it takes to spin–but it is cooler than cheap yarn and I can’t justify spending big bucks on fancy designer yarn, which is mostly what I like.  It is not that I’m really into lots of really fancy stuff, but I LIKE to have handpainted and/or variegated yarn in wool or superwash wool that I can afford.  That seems to be hard to find!).

3 Responses to “Spinning video”

  1. Caroline Says:

    Great video! You might have been on your own while filming, but you got the angle just right for seeing what you are doing! This is pretty similar to how I spin, I find it very comfortable and hey, if it works and ain’t broke, why fix it? I can get a very low twist yarn with this method, and my spinning improved out of sight, far more consistent. I have been successfully adapting this to my spindles so that I can mix and match. Have you thought of posting this on Youtube? cheers, Caroline

  2. goodnessgraciouswv Says:

    Thanks Caroline. I was going to put it on YouTube, but it was giving me fits (wanted my password and was supposed to be confirming my email but no email message would arrive!), so I did google instead.

    Yes, I get a nice, low twist, fairly soft yarn that I like this way, too.

    I tried making another video with the spindle, but that was tougher. Maybe I’ll try again another day!

    🙂 grace

  3. June Says:

    The method you are using is about the same as what I do as well, except to say that I backwards from you. My left hand pinches the single and my right hand pulls the fiber from the roving – Does that make sense to you? Anyway, pretty cool video!

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