ORFoB and writing…

Christopher in MadCap showWe went to the Ohio River Festival of Books today (sorry I didn’t post about it before, in case YOU wanted to go, too!) and saw Madcap Puppets, even though it was snowing.  A little snow wouldn’t make us miss this puppet show.  They are so cool!  But, while we were there,  we also went to listen to Shutta Crum (who wrote “Fox and Fluff” and “A Family for Old Mill Farm” and “The Bravest of the Brave”) tell stories and also talk ABOUT writing.  And we listened to Debbie Dadey (who co-wrote all of the Bailey School Books) talk about writing.  I came away half wanting to write a book and half being scared to death of the very thought of 300 rejection letters and 200 post-its on a manuscript.  Anyhow, Andrew thought that even if I don’t WRITE a book right now, I ought to make a note of my book thoughts.  So I wrote them all down at home.  Of course, I have ideas about writing about spinning or knitting or weaving (with my new, freakish interest in weaving, too, like I needed to add another hobby!) or cooking or insects… Do you know any children’s books about spinning yarn??  I have read several about knitting… Christopher got picked to help the puppeteers with one of the stories…he is playing an evil little boy who takes advantage of a magic guy in the river and gets his comeuppance.  He seemed to really enjoy it. 

One Response to “ORFoB and writing…”

  1. anthonynorth Says:

    I always write down my thoughts on writing even if I’m not up to writing. I’ve got so many notes, they’re bigger than a book themselves.

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