Spreading the “germ” of knitting and spinning…And, hopefully, reading!

So, I started this Knit Nite at the public library and we had TWELVE people at our last meeting.  One of the ladies has only made it to one of the Knit Nites, but she is a regular at storyhour and I got her started knitting.  I got an email from her last week.  She is addicted.  She needed me to teach her to do increases and to change colors.  Hee hee heee. 

The college student (Betsy) that I took to Guild a couple of weeks ago (and let spin on my Babe wheel while we were there) has become completely obsessed and has ordered a Babe wheel of her own.  Hee hee heee.  A couple of other new women at Guild also “took a spin” on my wheel and one of them (Nadine) is also apparently addicted, because she has posted questions about getting a kick spindle. 

We had 22 kids show up (1st through 5th grade) at our Southside Afterschool Book Club yesterday afternoon!!  Whoopeee!!  They were mostly well-behaved and excited to get together about books!  They came up with name choices and voted for “The Page Pulverizers”.  We’re reading the first book of the Spiderwick Chronicles for next week and then we pick one easier and one harder book and split into two rough groups for discussions.  Probably Tomie DePaolo’s “26 Fairmont Avenue” or Beverly Cleary’s “The Mouse & the Motorcycle” for the easier book and “The Great Ghost Hunt” by Eva Ibbottson or “Hatching Magic” by Ann Downer for the harder. 

Today I went to my Prayer Shawl group from church for the first time in months–I read to Evan’s class at 12:15 on Wednesdays, so I don’t usually make it.  But I had to get Dorcas’s stole blessed (still on the needles, but I need to get it to her next Wednesday), so I rushed over after Evan’s library time.  I like this group.  I am almost always the youngest person there, but I love hearing the older ladies’ stories!  Today Portia said I was her favorite geek (I was saying how much I love having the internet available at my fingertips and being able to look up all about the genetics of appaloosa horses yesterday for an item I was researching).  LOL.  And apparently I am a geek, because I took this as a compliment.  🙂 


One Response to “Spreading the “germ” of knitting and spinning…And, hopefully, reading!”

  1. LadyBugKnits Says:

    There is never ANYTHING wrong with spreading all kinds of delightful germs and loving being a nerd! 🙂

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