Sorry–not keeping up! “Crosspost” from Spindlers

Since I don't seem to be keeping up with posting, but I did post
 on Spindlers this week, I thought I would paste it in here. 
How many of you spin without carding or combing from washed 
fleece??  I know at least a couple of you do, because someone 
suggested it to me months ago.  I kinda like doing it myself 
(I got some raw wool for free that seemed worth the time for 
washing and worth spinning, but I don't have a carder or a 
picker or combs and the dog brushes weren't making me happy),
 but it seems that I rarely hear of people doing it that way.  
Anyone know the history behind carding?  I mean, in the old 
old days they weren't bothering, right?  Probably they were 
spindle-spinning with raw wool?  Do you think they washed it 
first??  Just taking some time out washing some more Jacob and 
spinning some up...And considering buying a Shetland fleece 
(but haven't ever spun Shetland...)... 
I made another stab at using the dog slicker brushes (I got 
some that were slightly bigger) and had a much more satisfying 
experience trying to "card" than I did last time.  I made 
little rolags and spun those up and the yarn does seem much 
smoother than what I made from only-picked wool.  I even used
the hole in a cd to make a little diz and pull the rolags 
through to make roving--although that hole is too big.  It was 
just as easy to just stretch out the rolags by hand.  My wool 
(fleece) is from a sheep that maybe is a Dorset and it seems to 
be super greasy.  The bumpy yarn (not carded, just picked) is 
still "sticky", so maybe I need to wash the fleece MORE before 
spinning.  Drag.  It is finally finishing drying! 
 One of the ladies on Spindlers suggested adding alcohol and hotter water for my wash.  Another suggested using 2″ washers with a 1/4″ opening as a diz.
Since I am enabling Betsy, I gave her some of the maybe-Dorset fleece and some dog brushes to take home on her spring break and wash.  She just bought a wheel and apparently has the same crazy-obsessive gene that I have.  DH says I am evil or something.  But he is always encouraging college students to play more ping pong and get interested in fencing, so I don’t see how he is any different!  LOL 
Got the stole finished for Dorcas (sorry, I don’t think I took a photo!) and the prayer shawl finished for LaShawna (a girl at church being confirmed on Easter).  Working on a project for myself–finally decided what to do with the yummy Sylvan Spririt Green Mountain Spinnery yarn that I bought just because I wanted it but had no project in mind.  A wrap for myself.  It is dk weight in Moonshadow and Luminous and I’m doing a rectangular shawl with the easiest open-work stitch I could find in my Stitch•A•Day calendar, “open featherwork”, which is only a five stitch repeat and 2 rows (one row is purling only). 


One Response to “Sorry–not keeping up! “Crosspost” from Spindlers”

  1. Arachnae Says:

    Washed wool can kind of ‘stick together’ at the top and bottom. I have successfully ‘fluffed’ it for spinning by combing through it with a dinner fork to break apart the stuck-togther fibers. The result is a baseball-sized puff of wool that spins nicely. Will try to get some photos of the process and post to my blog – it’s a soothing thing to do while watching TV.

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