“Mary” yarn, lace wrap, teaching spinning…

Yesterday I ’bout wore myself out!  I brought spindles and wool and brushes  (for carding, dog slickers) to the kids’ school, first to the 1st grade class and then to the 3rd grade.  I talked a bit about processing wool–we had read Red Berry Wool (about Lalo the sheep) and Charlie’s New Cloak (by Tomie DePaola) already and they’d expressed some interest in the steps.  Showed them some uncarded, clean wool, demonstrated carding, demonstrated spindling, let them take turns carding and spindling.  Each kid made a short piece of wool that I plyed on my thigh and tied onto wrists so everyone had a little bracelet at the end.  Fun, but tiring, because there are 20 and 23 kids in the classes–I just spent 45 minutes in each going around getting them started and finished and putting wool on and taking wool off, etc etc etc.  But, I think they liked it even more than me!  🙂 I finished the yarn made with Mary’s fleece, this time processed from raw myself, but I used the large slicker brushes to comb it before spinning.  I think it came out very nice.  Still some VM, but smoother and quite soft.  It is the offwhite yarn. And I spun up some superwash that I’d dyed with blue & black Wilton’s to make “stonewash” colorway yarn.  Two ply. I am knitting myself a wrap with the easiest lace stitch I could find.  Open featherwork.  Row 1:  *k2, yo, k1, yo, slip 1, k1, psso* ;  Row 2:  purl.  I added 5 rows of garter stitch at the start and then the first and last 5 stitches of each row.  I’m using Green Mountain Spinnery Sylvan Spirit (50% wool, 50% tencel) in Moonshadow.  Nearly done 1 skein, 3 more to go. 

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