Fiber Fiesta retreat was great!

The River Cities Fiber Guild anniversary retreat at Asbury Woods was this past weekend and I got to go and had lots of fun!  There were, I believe, 28 of us and I sat and spun and knitted and talked and ate and spun and knitted and ate and talked from 4:15 Friday afternoon until 1 am and then got up again and did it more from around 8 am until I had to go home around 2:30 pm Saturday.


We had spectacular goody bags full of catalogs and fiber samples and yarn samples and buttons and knitting patterns.  We had even more prizes in the form of door prizes (I got some mohair, silk cap, silk yarn, wool yarn, more buttons, a KnowKnit project bag…).  Sat between Judy (from Good News Llamas) and Nadine (see her blog Crafts, Life & Times of Nadine) who was spinning on Mitzi’s (also Good News Llamas) borrowed wheel.  Nadine is ridiculously good at spinning for someone who just learned to drop spindle after Christmas.  I didn’t win any of the raffle prizes, but Judy won a personalized Golding spindle with sheep painted on it.


I also managed to show off the sheep & llama batik shirts (a couple of the other ladies were wearing theirs that I’d made for them, too) and sold one, bartered another for some merino/silk fiber, got another couple ladies who think they must have them… 🙂


In my goody bag was a sample of Chameleon Colorworks Optim fiber which says it is mechanically stretched merino that is silk-like and machine washable.  It was intriguing.  I spun up my little sample and traded with 3 other people to get theirs…so now I have close to 4 oz to play with to see if I must afford to buy more.


I spent much of my time at the retreat carding and spinning more of the Mary wool.  Yesterday I finished spinning up all of it that was washed.  So, today I am washing another batch.  Now I ought to go to bed, because I still have a bunch more items to finish up for Oklahoma for a contract.  And the taxes to do.  And Evan & Christopher home for spring break and Evan with a fever so we are limited in what I want to drag them around to.  Maybe Spiderwick at the cheap movie tomorrow…




2 Responses to “Fiber Fiesta retreat was great!”

  1. Chris Says:

    Sounds like it was fun! I’m jealous! There aren’t many spinning-folk in middle Tenn….at least not many that I’ve found. Looking at the calendar to see when I can get to WV again. From what my parents tell me we have got to meet up!!

  2. Nancy Says:

    Dear Grace,
    I have been so depressed since the Retreat. I really look forward to the Retreats and being around people who love to do the same things I like to do. The “goodies” we get are just an extra bonus. It won’t be long until our next meeting. That will make me feel better. So will going to Maryland Wool and Sheep Festival in May.
    I received one more door prize in the mail the Monday after the retreat. It is sock yarn. There was one more promised prize but it has never arrived. It was a fleece a lady promised from Oregon and I reminded her the week of the retreat, but it never come. She may have been mad at me for writing to remind her the week before the retreat that I hadn’t received it. And then again, it could still come.
    Wayne Ct. is on spring break this week. My husband went to Virginia turkey hunting and I have the house all to myself. I have stayed up late each evening crafting and listening to the CDs. I have been working on my twining. I taught a mini-class this morning at my sister-in-law’s house. There were suppose to be 5 attending, but only 3 showed up. My sister-in-law wanted to learn how to twine. My husband has been making the smaller size looms to sell.
    I’ll be working on the yard tomorrow and might also wash some alpaca fiber that needs to be clean before spinning. Tomorrow should be a good day for drying clean fiber.
    Take care.

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