Acorn Cap & Peasant Heel Sock

I finished and felted the Acorn Cap, but I didn’t “display” it at Blackstone–they had some display over in a building I wasn’t going to go near.  I did show it off to a couple of people. Anyhow, not a very good photo, but, oh well.  In case you didn’t read about it before, this hat is a 15th century style cap.  I started with raw border leicester wool and washed, picked & spun it (uncarded or combed, just from the cloud), plyed it, knit the hat, felted it in the machine.  I got the foam head a couple of weeks ago.  I think it might be too white for taking pictures with…

And over a week ago I finished the first of the peasant heel socks.  There is too much of  nipply thing on the heel, next time I will start the decreases a bit sooner.  All in all I think it is good, though, and the Felici is very soft and nice.

Tonight at Guild Cathy is bringing an indigo dyepot for us to play with.  I have some superwash roving I want to put in it!  Will try to report later.


Over the weekend I still had the icky stomach thing, but managed to be alright most of Saturday.  I sortof taught a knitting class and did teach a little drop spindle class.  The merchanting was pretty much a waste of time, but I did chat with Ellsbeth a bit at the Herald Point and the other merchants were nice.  The kids were astonishingly well-behaved when I made them sit around waiting with me.


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