Is it wrong to give away fleece with VM?

So, I made up a new batch of t-shirts (as usual, I didn’t have the color/neckline/size/animal desired by lots of my potential buyers–they want a llama, not a sheep, in some color other than pink, in xxl when I have small.  When I have xxl, they want small, sheep, pink…) and hauled them to Guild last night.  Cathy brought an indigo dye bath and I dyed a teeny skein of yarn.  Very cool how it goes from yellow to blue!!  When it is dry I shall try to photograph it for you.


Oh, I was saying, now I have more t-shirts again.  I am going to list them on Etsy.  I have been told that the best way to use Etsy is to keep putting a new item up each day so you come up at the top of the searches.  So I list one shirt at a TIME, ah ha!  I have no idea if that will help.  While I was there I had to buy some raw fleece (but only 2 lbs–one of romney cross and one of shetland–as I started spinning some Shetland yesterday and like it–I also spun up my little sample of babydoll and then was thinking I ought to try to get more breed samples.  Maybe make a notebook thing?  I have Jacob and Dorset and Border Leicester and some more samples–Wensleydale and Cormo and oh, what are the others?…).  Thought occurs to me, I could give away some of the free fleeces I have for the cost of shipping and my gas to the PO, and possibly that would give me more of an Etsy presence at the same time?  Is it okay to give away fleece that has a fair amount of VM in it for just the cost of shipping if you warn a person?  I am thinking of 1 lb stuffed envelopes for $1 plus $5 for shipping?  Speak up if you have thoughts on this…


3 Responses to “Is it wrong to give away fleece with VM?”

  1. nctxweaver Says:

    I don’t think it’s wrong. The price is very good, and it implies that the fleece or fiber may require further processing to remove more of the VM.

  2. Jenna McCarrick Says:

    I think that its a great idea. A lot of people on a fixed income would love to give some fresh fleece a try and buying a whole fleece can be a bit costlly. I coukld buy a couple of pounds if you decide to do it. jenna

  3. Sheri Says:

    Hi, I do not see anything wrong with giving away the fleece and asking them to cover postage and handling. I was given the fleece from some Llamas and Alpacas for free. I had to drive over to pick it up. It was loaded with vm. The man sheared them on hay and rock. I have been cleaning it for over a year. There was lots. However, I am happy to have it and would take the time to pick up more just like it if it were offered.


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