I’m behind again…

I have been knitting and spinning…but not posting!


Used Tricia’s drum carder at our Guild picnic to card some of the rambo/cormo that I’d dyed bright light green (lemon lime koolaid).  The raw wool came from Etsy from Handsandnotions shop and it is lovely.  I washed it and picked it and dyed it and picked it some more (not much vm at all, but I had to separate the locks).  Some of it is spun up.


Got distracted because my hazelnut superwash merino laps came from Leah at Yarn or a Tale.  Spun up two bobbinsful of that and plyed it.  I think it is WONDERFUL.  Can’t wait to finish the October leaves socks so I can start on hazelnut socks.  The October leaves socks are handspun–saffron superwash from the Sheep Shed overdyed with strawberry and lemon lime and spun and plyed and started as peasant heel socks.  Then ripped out because I decided they WERE too small (the ribbing fit on my foot okay, but when I got to the actual FOOT they were too tight.  Go figure).  Maybe I’ll cast on the hazelnut socks instead??



I did one sock of blue lagoon superwash (thicker  yarn than fingering weight, though, so knitting on a size 4 circular) with toes & heels of variegated (blue lagoon overdyed with strawberry, this is leftover from Christopher’s earflap hat).  I did ONE sock and realized it is a tad too short for me and set it aside to decide who it ought to go to and THEN knit the second sock.  Here is a photo, sorry, it was too dark so the color is not good.


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