wheel arrived…

YAY!  I got my little goody box from Susan yesterday and this morning when I was still getting ready the mailman came with my WHEEL from New Zealand.  Luckily DH was still home and answered the door–it seems that they maybe wouldn’t have left it.


I tested my various combinations of media and colors and stuff on the back of the treadle and decided to go with the “stain” from Procion dye (lilac and a little bit of cobalt plus a little squirt of acrylic paint in grape) in water.  I mixed it up in a little gladware tub (maybe a half cup of water and probably less than a full teaspoonful of dye powder) and brushed it on with a sponge brush/applicator.  When it is dry I will put on the walnut oil and after THAT I need to ASSEMBLE the darned thing and then I will put on Wood Beams (which ought to arrive tomorrow or Friday).  More photos as I go–even though they aren’t all that great, sorry!

2 Responses to “wheel arrived…”

  1. Nadine B Says:

    It is looking lovely. Is the whole thing going to be purple or just parts? I can’t wait to see it all finished.

  2. goodnessgraciouswv Says:


    Just the wheel part itself and the treadle will be purple. I have oiled all the parts with the walnut oil and done the first two steps of assembling it!!

    grace 🙂

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