oooh, archergal has a cool thing for a spindle wheel

Archergal’s blog  — She used a bike wheel and pvc pipe to make a charkha spindle wheel.  They are like these wooden ones (see the top one in this set).


  I have been trying to figure out how to make the bicycle wheel thingy I made more stable than the sawhorse–which seems to be the worst part of the whole thing, even though I thought it was clever at the time I made it.  Right now I have the legs off and it is bungy corded to a chair.

2 Responses to “oooh, archergal has a cool thing for a spindle wheel”

  1. hilly jacklin Says:

    I have a home-made electric wheel, the legs are a modular sort of thing, a metal plate with a threaded hole is screwed onto the bottom of the table of the wheel then the legs have a metal foot and the other end has a threaded rod thay screws into the plate. You even have the option of screwing the legs in straight up and down or at a splayed outward angle. I got this at an auction sale but I bet those kind of legs are available at a improvement store. Hilly

  2. Gayle Beaupre Says:

    I have made a lot of these for myself and students. They are stable and spin a beautiful yarn if made right. Mine come in two parts for easy packing and that way you can make the tension tighter if needed. I use C-clamps to hook them to a surface and spin my heart out.
    They work and I have used them since the 1950’s.

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