VBS report…

Had fun at vacation Bible school (Galilee by the Sea)!

This is our “shop”.  I’m in purple with my back to the camera, helping Evan weave.  Nadine sitting on the left.  Andrew standing up.  Cara standing in green.  Christopher’s group was someplace else…

Each day some different groups of kids came by.  We had potholder looms and small looms and a tapestry type thing with cool gold mesh and yarn.  But most of those took too long to complete in 20 minutes or less, so I brought along some straw (as in plastic drinking straw) weaving and we made bracelets and anklets.  That way they could take something HOME with them.


I also encouraged the children to take a turn weaving on the big loom.  Some of them did and they wove up all of the warp.  This morning I took it off


Evan with the weaving

Evan with the weaving



and (along with a “matching” strap I wove last night on a little backstrap loom for a strap) I sewed it into a little tote-bag.


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