Still spinning …

on the coopworth fleece (2 full bobbins spun and andean plied, plus a little more started), and the superwash merino (making sockweight, I hope, yarn with it–four bobbins spun and plied into two 2-ply skeins).  Spun a little more on the wool/silk in pale green–I like this, but don’t like to do it when I’m going to be interrupted a lot.  Worked on it a bit on Saturday at the Port Oasis pity party, but then I let Rachel spin on my Babe…


Finished up a shawl yesterday (microfiber yarn that I started last year)–just need to add fringe now.  Started some socks as a gift this morning.  Wonder if I’ll get them done on time??  I’m using dk weight superwash on size 4 needles, hoping that will speed up the process. 


As my friend Jennifer points out, writing about knitting and spinning takes time away from actually doing it!

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