Circular Sock Knitting Machine!

A lovely lady on Spindlers sent me an email offering to sell me her sock knitting machine!  Actually, as per me, this is a much longer story.  One nice lady sent me such an email and by the time I figured out ENOUGH to know about csms at ALL, hers had sold (it was listed online, already).  Then ANOTHER lady, this one named Barbara, offered me hers.  More dithering.  Asking.  Research. etc etc etc 


I AM buying Barbara’s Gearhart csm and it should be here next week and I can get to work on cleaning and oiling it and seeing if I can coax it into making socks.  Barbara wants me to send her a pair, since I’m getting a REALLY good deal on this thing!  All the people who use them say there is a steep learning curve and we aren’t entirely sure that this machine will work smoothly right away, as Barbara never was able to knit socks on it, but I hope I am up for the challenge.

This is what it looked like, a couple of days ago, at Barbara’s house.  I will make more photos when I get it cleaned and then, hopefully, when it is working!

2 Responses to “Circular Sock Knitting Machine!”

  1. Jan Says: Dave from this website has a csm, so he may be able to give you pointers. Don’t know if yours will be the same model.

  2. Dave Daniels Says:

    Soooo??? Does it work? Did you get it going?

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