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Still here…!

September 30, 2008

In case you were worried…I am still here. ¬†ūüôā ¬†Sorry to leave you hanging for so many days!

UPS sent money for most of the cost of the sock machine (since they broke the crank in shipping).  I still need to take the crank to Ernie & see if he can braise it.  Still been using it without the crank.

I’m on the second pair of actual socks from the csm. ¬†Working on the heel (handknitted peasant heel) for the second sock. ¬†I used Red Heart Heart & Sole yarn. ¬†I don’t think I’m going to get the whole benefit from the aloe in the yarn, since most of it is knit on the machine, but I like it and my csm seems to like it, too, which is good. ¬†I still need to learn to do heels and toes, but I think I finally figured out how to do the hung hem properly (the fourth sock doesn’t have live stitches hanging around in the hem.

Working on a new batch of chemo caps for my MIL.  Sortof upset about that.

Seem to have come out of the whole (I didn’t tell you!) old boyfriend from a zillion years ago spilling to me about his former addiction. ¬†Didn’t really need to know about that, it turns out.

Hand-blended some of the llama that Susan gave me (had to de-hair it first, then washed it) with some Dorset and spun up a bit of it.  I like it.  Still missed some of those llama guard hairs, I think.

Worrying about people (20% of WVians in a recent poll) who think Barak Obama is a Muslim and even more about how those people are all bound to HATE muslims. ¬†Interested in some weird way in Sarah Palin, but don’t like her. ¬†Why didn’t McCain pick someone REASONABLE like Olympia Snowe???!!??

Trying to do some house-cleaning (or, more acurately, decluttering) today and also go out to look for Bernat Glow in the Dark yarn, more Heart & Sole, more soywax, synthrapol…It is drippy and grey outside, which makes it hard to get motivated.


First Socks from CSM!

September 15, 2008

I did mock rib (3×1), a hung hem (mine is pretty messy and maybe there are live stitches that I ran some yarn through, cross fingers!), knit the cuff and the foot. ¬†Did afterthought heel and toe decreases by hand.

Register to Vote–Ultimate College Bowl

September 15, 2008

Okay. ¬†I’m not a college student. ¬†But I do live in a college town…

 Ultimate College Bowl

And I think everyone ought to register, educate themselves & vote.

In case the other thing didn’t work, go to the Ultimate College Bowl thing and your school can win a concert and YOU can win stuff, too!

more transparently–yes, I got it working

September 10, 2008

Dave asked if I got the sock machine going–yes. ¬†Even without the crank (I am turning the cam thingy by hand), I managed to nearly make a sock. ¬†As per the advice given to me from my online buddies (whew, a lot of nice, helpful people out there!!), I had to increase the tension and hang more weights to get the stitches to knit. ¬†Then when I switched yarns the thing was skipping stitches again, but this time they were riding UP on the needles, so I had to turn the tension LOOSER.


¬†I made my awful setup bonnet, knit with some scrap yarn, switched to “real” sock yarn, knit a few rows, hung a hem, continued for a bit in mock rib, put in the rest of the needles (that I have, lol, I am three short, because 3 of mine are bent–ordered a batch today from Pat Fly at Angora whatsit), continued the foot in stockinette (almost), when I got to where I thought the toe should go, I removed the live stitches to a piece of weed whacker line, then transferred them to dpns and did the toe decreases. ¬†This afternoon I picked up the stitches in for the afterthought heel (don’t think I messed it up too badly, even though I had to do the scary “clip a stitch” thing). ¬†If I hadn’t had Cub Scouts tonight and wasn’t planning to be busy all day tomorrow, I would have hopes of showing you the completed sock.

maybe almost a sock

September 7, 2008

My bonnet was crappy looking because I didn’t switch from one yarn to another and then it was all twisted and crooked (too hard to see which row I was picking up, let alone which stitch!), but it still worked.

But, yes, I got the stitches to work and I got the needles in. I was told to add more weight and MORE tension (it wasn’t riding up, it was just not making stitches) and I got that to work okay with the fingering weight acrylic baby yarn. When I switched to the wool it got messed up and I started again, making it looser than when I had finished up with the acrylic. I am right now, gasp, getting ready to take my tube off the machine and keep the toe stitches live so I can hand knit the toe.

I am not a very fast knitter, but not really slow. Toes and heels are SMALL compared to a whole sock! I am using some regia or something that a friend gave me (her aunt has leftovers) and I think there is probably only enough in this ball to knit ONE sock (I figure by Murphy’s law, it will turn out really well and then never get a mate that matches, lol).

I think this hung hem is pretty crappy looking too, but maybe not so bad as on the bonnet.

oh, and a couple of people have advised trying SuperGlue to mend the crank. ¬†Wouldn’t that be nice if it worked? ¬†Wonder how long UPS will take to decide about my money?

1904 Gearhart 56-slot?

September 5, 2008

The ladies on the groups think that I have a 1904 Gearhart with a 56-slot cylinder. ¬†The cylinder is only 4″ instead of (what is apparently the average for “newer” Gearharts) 4.5″.

One lady thought that my funny needles look like Steber sock machine needles. ¬†Apparently “co-operative” needles are needles that belong in a Creelman or Cooperative sock machine (I’d never heard of a Steber or a Coop!), not a special type of Gearhart needles. ¬†So, what does a 1904 or 1908 Gearhart use for needles? ¬†12 gauge Gearhart needles, or something else?


My auto-mechanic says that welding cast-iron is tricky, but he has the stuff at home to try to braise the piece back together, after I’m done with UPS. ¬†However long THAT takes!


Trying to knit more today–I made my tube for a while and then started losing a bunch of stitches (probably not enough weight) and started over. ¬†That is going less smoothly than last night. ¬†Don’t know why. ¬†I think maybe my mesh is too fragile and is ripping with the weights and not distributing the tension evenly.


Tried using some size 2 yarn instead of size 1 and couldn’t make that go. ¬†Do I increase or decrease the tension and the weights with a fatter yarn?? ¬†My first little fingering weight (sock weight, size 1) yarn tube-thing is a bit too loose for my foot, in the 3×1 mock rib.

Mesh for setup basket

September 5, 2008

I did it like this (mostly, I think!)

Houston, we have a tube!

September 5, 2008


Got help from my sockknittingmachines yahoo group (thanks Kim!) and from the circular sock machine forum on Ravelry (thanks Jessica!) and I have a very poor tube cast on and started. ¬†Not bad for a sock machine with no crank, huh? ¬†I had to add more weight and turn up the tension on the cam thingy…now to figure out how to pick up those stitches… and…

Oh, someone named Adele thinks I might have a Gearhart with co-operative needles.  Cool.  A name.  Now to find who has more of them!?

Not making stitches…

September 4, 2008

hmmmm….I don’t know if I just didn’t cast on right (always a possibility! ¬†I was trying to do it with the mesh, but maybe it wasn’t right) or if the needles aren’t right, or what.

So, I got this maybe-Gearhart csm (no markings) with the now-broken crank.  I set it up and have been pushing the crown ring thing by hand (like the crank would turn it, theoretically, until I get the crank situation resolved).  The yarn guide thing puts the yarn in the right position, I think, and the needles go up and down and the latches open and close like they are supposed to, but when the needles go down, no stitch is formed.

I am wondering if there is a possibility that the needles in it are NOT the right sort of needles?¬† They do not look like the Gearhart needles in the angora valley website (these have a little “toe” on the bottom), but, then, I am not sure that the machine is a Gearhart!

I have gone around like 10 times (although maybe I didn’t cast on right or something)and the stitches are just staying on the needles and the latches still close up on them, but never pull through a stitch.¬† Maybe the needles are too long??

Any advice welcome!

how do you get the needles in?

September 4, 2008

before or after you put on the cylinder spring?

is there a trick?  I can get them OUT, but how do you get them back in without pulling on the spring with a foreign object?