CSM saga continues…

The sock machine came last night.  Yay!


The bad news is

that the crank BROKE during shipping.  Waiting to deal with UPS (have call in) to see what they will do for me, trying to see if someone can WELD the cast iron back, or if I can find a replacement crank.


This machine is supposedly a Gearhart, but I have no idea if it is.  The needles don’t really look like the other Gearhart needles on the Angora Valley website.  The base of the machine used to be green.  It really does LOOK like (to my amateur eye) the other drawings of Gearharts.

Next possibly weird thing.  It has 56 slots for needles in one cylinder and 72 slots in the other.  So far, I haven’t found any references to 56-slot Gearharts.  What gives?


More later… Help please??

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