Not making stitches…

hmmmm….I don’t know if I just didn’t cast on right (always a possibility!  I was trying to do it with the mesh, but maybe it wasn’t right) or if the needles aren’t right, or what.

So, I got this maybe-Gearhart csm (no markings) with the now-broken crank.  I set it up and have been pushing the crown ring thing by hand (like the crank would turn it, theoretically, until I get the crank situation resolved).  The yarn guide thing puts the yarn in the right position, I think, and the needles go up and down and the latches open and close like they are supposed to, but when the needles go down, no stitch is formed.

I am wondering if there is a possibility that the needles in it are NOT the right sort of needles?  They do not look like the Gearhart needles in the angora valley website (these have a little “toe” on the bottom), but, then, I am not sure that the machine is a Gearhart!

I have gone around like 10 times (although maybe I didn’t cast on right or something)and the stitches are just staying on the needles and the latches still close up on them, but never pull through a stitch.  Maybe the needles are too long??

Any advice welcome!


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