1904 Gearhart 56-slot?

The ladies on the groups think that I have a 1904 Gearhart with a 56-slot cylinder.  The cylinder is only 4″ instead of (what is apparently the average for “newer” Gearharts) 4.5″.

One lady thought that my funny needles look like Steber sock machine needles.  Apparently “co-operative” needles are needles that belong in a Creelman or Cooperative sock machine (I’d never heard of a Steber or a Coop!), not a special type of Gearhart needles.  So, what does a 1904 or 1908 Gearhart use for needles?  12 gauge Gearhart needles, or something else?


My auto-mechanic says that welding cast-iron is tricky, but he has the stuff at home to try to braise the piece back together, after I’m done with UPS.  However long THAT takes!


Trying to knit more today–I made my tube for a while and then started losing a bunch of stitches (probably not enough weight) and started over.  That is going less smoothly than last night.  Don’t know why.  I think maybe my mesh is too fragile and is ripping with the weights and not distributing the tension evenly.


Tried using some size 2 yarn instead of size 1 and couldn’t make that go.  Do I increase or decrease the tension and the weights with a fatter yarn??  My first little fingering weight (sock weight, size 1) yarn tube-thing is a bit too loose for my foot, in the 3×1 mock rib.

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