Houston, we have a tube!


Got help from my sockknittingmachines yahoo group (thanks Kim!) and from the circular sock machine forum on Ravelry (thanks Jessica!) and I have a very poor tube cast on and started.  Not bad for a sock machine with no crank, huh?  I had to add more weight and turn up the tension on the cam thingy…now to figure out how to pick up those stitches… and…

Oh, someone named Adele thinks I might have a Gearhart with co-operative needles.  Cool.  A name.  Now to find who has more of them!?

One Response to “Houston, we have a tube!”

  1. Renee Says:

    Hi there
    Sounds like u may have a flat bed knitting machine when u were talking about ur weights… I use a flat bed needle to reach down behind the dropped stitches to ‘knit’ back up the bars and then slip the loop over the proper needleon the CSM… and I use 2 needles… 1 is an extra needle from my soc machine if u don’t have that… just use another flat bed needle to help knit the bar on the needle… they r nice straight, thin to go btwn the CSM hooks and future soc really well.
    I just gently slide it down behind the dropped stitch and pick it up a couple rows below the loop I finally find to make sure I get it caught… then pull off the upper knitted stitch or stitches till it’s all bars… then push the loop past the latch. with the other needle, I hook a bar and help bring it over the latch to b the new loop then it closes and walla i’m ready for the next bar and so on til I’m dun… I’ve actually had to do that lots and lots of times… I think I have bent needles but I’m made about a doz sox since Aug so I’m not complaining too much and I have orders to make more…yeah…lol… good luck…Renee

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