maybe almost a sock

My bonnet was crappy looking because I didn’t switch from one yarn to another and then it was all twisted and crooked (too hard to see which row I was picking up, let alone which stitch!), but it still worked.

But, yes, I got the stitches to work and I got the needles in. I was told to add more weight and MORE tension (it wasn’t riding up, it was just not making stitches) and I got that to work okay with the fingering weight acrylic baby yarn. When I switched to the wool it got messed up and I started again, making it looser than when I had finished up with the acrylic. I am right now, gasp, getting ready to take my tube off the machine and keep the toe stitches live so I can hand knit the toe.

I am not a very fast knitter, but not really slow. Toes and heels are SMALL compared to a whole sock! I am using some regia or something that a friend gave me (her aunt has leftovers) and I think there is probably only enough in this ball to knit ONE sock (I figure by Murphy’s law, it will turn out really well and then never get a mate that matches, lol).

I think this hung hem is pretty crappy looking too, but maybe not so bad as on the bonnet.

oh, and a couple of people have advised trying SuperGlue to mend the crank.  Wouldn’t that be nice if it worked?  Wonder how long UPS will take to decide about my money?

One Response to “maybe almost a sock”

  1. Eileen Says:

    Hi! I was sent to your blog by a mutual friend, Elizabeth (formerly of WV, now in NZ). Great blog!

    On sock knitting: generally you can figure that you will need at least a 100g skein/ball to make a pair of med. women’s socks. Regia (and a fair number of other producers’ yarns) generally comes in 50g balls, so it requires 2 to make a pair (remember to check the dye lot number, to make sure that both socks will match)

    Good luck with this Grand Experiment! And stop by my blog to say ‘hi’, if you like – you’ll be very welcome.

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