more transparently–yes, I got it working

Dave asked if I got the sock machine going–yes.  Even without the crank (I am turning the cam thingy by hand), I managed to nearly make a sock.  As per the advice given to me from my online buddies (whew, a lot of nice, helpful people out there!!), I had to increase the tension and hang more weights to get the stitches to knit.  Then when I switched yarns the thing was skipping stitches again, but this time they were riding UP on the needles, so I had to turn the tension LOOSER.


 I made my awful setup bonnet, knit with some scrap yarn, switched to “real” sock yarn, knit a few rows, hung a hem, continued for a bit in mock rib, put in the rest of the needles (that I have, lol, I am three short, because 3 of mine are bent–ordered a batch today from Pat Fly at Angora whatsit), continued the foot in stockinette (almost), when I got to where I thought the toe should go, I removed the live stitches to a piece of weed whacker line, then transferred them to dpns and did the toe decreases.  This afternoon I picked up the stitches in for the afterthought heel (don’t think I messed it up too badly, even though I had to do the scary “clip a stitch” thing).  If I hadn’t had Cub Scouts tonight and wasn’t planning to be busy all day tomorrow, I would have hopes of showing you the completed sock.


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