Still here…!

In case you were worried…I am still here.  🙂  Sorry to leave you hanging for so many days!

UPS sent money for most of the cost of the sock machine (since they broke the crank in shipping).  I still need to take the crank to Ernie & see if he can braise it.  Still been using it without the crank.

I’m on the second pair of actual socks from the csm.  Working on the heel (handknitted peasant heel) for the second sock.  I used Red Heart Heart & Sole yarn.  I don’t think I’m going to get the whole benefit from the aloe in the yarn, since most of it is knit on the machine, but I like it and my csm seems to like it, too, which is good.  I still need to learn to do heels and toes, but I think I finally figured out how to do the hung hem properly (the fourth sock doesn’t have live stitches hanging around in the hem.

Working on a new batch of chemo caps for my MIL.  Sortof upset about that.

Seem to have come out of the whole (I didn’t tell you!) old boyfriend from a zillion years ago spilling to me about his former addiction.  Didn’t really need to know about that, it turns out.

Hand-blended some of the llama that Susan gave me (had to de-hair it first, then washed it) with some Dorset and spun up a bit of it.  I like it.  Still missed some of those llama guard hairs, I think.

Worrying about people (20% of WVians in a recent poll) who think Barak Obama is a Muslim and even more about how those people are all bound to HATE muslims.  Interested in some weird way in Sarah Palin, but don’t like her.  Why didn’t McCain pick someone REASONABLE like Olympia Snowe???!!??

Trying to do some house-cleaning (or, more acurately, decluttering) today and also go out to look for Bernat Glow in the Dark yarn, more Heart & Sole, more soywax, synthrapol…It is drippy and grey outside, which makes it hard to get motivated.


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