Sock on CSM including heel & toe

Hey–I’m so excited!  Last week I did a “practice” thingy and tried to do the short-row heel on the CSM.  I did have a little problem with a couple of stitches popping off and making a gaping hole, but I thought if I kept my hand in the stupid thing to keep the tension on, it wouldn’t be too bad.  So I got out some Paton’s Stretch Sock yarn (in Plum) and gave it a try on a “real” sock.  The yarn is interesting, by the way.  I think I like it.  EXCEPT that it is supposed to be hand wash.  Bleah.  Didn’t notice that.  It is cotton and wool and nylon and elastic.  I guess my friend Samantha will either have to hand wash them (the first one fit her, so I will give them to her when I get the second done) or just hope for the best.

I am still feeling a little bit stupid that I haven’t yet thought to make the second sock right after the first with some waste yarn in between.  Well, on the first two pairs I didn’t think of it.  For this, I thought about it, but then was so unsure of the size (especially with the stretchy yarn), I didn’t keep it on the machine.

I am still trying to figure out the best way to get the thing off the machine with the pesky live stitches!  I had been taking it off the needles with a crochet hook and feeding the stitches onto weed-whacker line and then onto dpns to finish the toe, do the kitchener graft, etc.  I watched a video of Laura from Handwerks doing the grafting while the waste yarn was still in place on the toe–but I didn’t quite get that yet.  Will have to watch again.  Anyhow, for this sock I did a few rows of waste yarn after the toe decreases and then pulled that out and tried to pick up the live stitches on the end of the toe and didn’t like it.  The stupid little loops try to escape from me and I feel like I am going blind and losing my mind.  Next time I will either master Laura’s thing or I will take the live stitches off the needles onto the weed-whacker line again.  LMK if you have ideas about this!


NOTE:  A number of people have told me that the Paton’s website claims the Stretch Socks is machine-washable (even though that is not what it says on the label of the yarn) AND I have also had reports that real people have washed it in the machine with no harm.  But don’t blame ME if you do and something goes wrong.  I haven’t tried machine washing the sock yet.


One Response to “Sock on CSM including heel & toe”

  1. Turbo Says:

    Where did you read that the Paton stretch sock is supposed to be handwashed? Everywhere I look it up it says machine wash. I would love to know if the websites are in error. Thanks for your help. I want to make socks for my sons and hubby. They will never wear them if they have to be handwashed. 🙂

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