With apologies to Mary, about knitting socks…

{apologies to Mary because I already sent this to her in an email, but thought it worthy of blogging…}
For ages I refused to knit socks.  Well, “ages” being relative, as I’ve only been knitting for about 6 years…lol.  The first socks I tried were tube socks with awful acrylic yarn, because I didn’t “get” how to do the whole heel thing.  I made ONE sock and it was hideous.  I think I let one of the kids have it for some sortof hat for a stuffed animal.
Then someone suggested trying a “mini” sock to see how the mechanics worked out without having all of the work and expense, etc of a “real sock”.  THAT was a great idea!! I knit one tiny sock (similar to the ones suggested on the Cider Moon website) and I only screwed up a couple of things and I realized I COULD do it.
Then I made a pair of socks and it was okay, but not great.  And I didn’t really see the point so much.  I didn’t want to use the tiny needles and use the really skinny yarn that meant I would have to make thousands and thousands of stitches per sock.  Using fattish yarn and especially using what I will snobbily call inferior fiber/yarn (like acrylic, again) made socks that weren’t as comfortable but a lot more trouble than storebought.
Finally I broke down and bought first dk weight yarn and then fingering weight yarn and knit them on little dpns.  Not too bad, but I didn’t really like knitting on dpns–too pokey and too many places where I had to slide the stitches to keep from losing them.  I tried knitting a sock on TWO circulars.  Better.  But still had to slide stitches around.  My LYS had 9″ circular needles, which I am so glad I found out about!!  I could use the ridiculous size 2 needles but I could just go around and around and around without all that poking and shifting that I didn’t like.  And I figured out how to make a sock that fit MY foot pretty well.
Still, knitting a pair of socks was a fairly time-consuming task.  Even though it was more enjoyable and produced good socks for actually wearing.
Thus, the ridiculous antique sock knitting machine purchase.  Which I am sooooo glad that I made, even though there is some hair-pulling involved.  Now, even without having fixed the crank, I can do a sock easily in an evening.  I’m considering this skilled for someone just starting with the sock machine, as some people apparently take months to get a good sock with a decent heel made.  I’m still pretty slow, mostly because I’m worried about dropping stitches if I don’t keep a VERY close eye on what I’m doing–but it is much faster than hand knitting.

One Response to “With apologies to Mary, about knitting socks…”

  1. Turbo Says:

    Ah deja vu. 🙂

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