Obama’s (in context) talk with Joe the Plumber

On youtube:

Last report I heard on npr, it seems that Joe the plumber is not registered to vote.  😦

(Later reports say that he is registered, but that his name is misspelled–some people think he is one of those voters that might be challenged at the polls)

On fiber:

And, I’ve also been comparing different sock yarns.  I will try to load photos later.  Of the sock yarns I have bought and/or used recently:

Sockotta & Patons Stretch Socks were around 21 wraps per inch

Tofutsies was around 20 wpi

Red Heart Heart & Sole was around 19 wpi

Knitpicks Felici & Essentials were both around 18 wpi, but Felici feels skinnier to me.

My wrapping technique is certainly not flawless.  In case you aren’t a spinner, wpi is a measure of how skinny a yarn is.  How many times it can be wrapped around a ruler (others use other things) side by side in one inch.


One Response to “Obama’s (in context) talk with Joe the Plumber”

  1. Turbo Says:

    Wow this is really helpful. Thanks. I still haven’t decided what I am going to get.

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