Sorry to still be on politics/Cindy McCain on PTSD, ugh

In case you haven’t heard this (it is from a couple of weeks ago, but it still makes me angry)


I hate to be all politicky on my fiber blog, but I am going to vote for Obama.  Not only because of many of the issues, but also because I think it is time to have an intellectual president…


Now, I am off to try to find an alien mask (you know, green or silver with slitty eyes) for my 10-year old.  We’ve looked several places with no luck.  The other son wants to be a ninja or something (both of them want to dress entirely in black with some accessories).  There is a “Halloween shop” near the mall and at the mall, which I hate to go to, but while I am up there I will run in Michaels and try to get some Glow in the Dark yarn!

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