More politics through the lens of Margaret & Helen

Really, I don’t want to give you politics when you want spinning and knitting and socks!  I am falling behind on the fiber front recently.  Nearly done with a nearly-neon prayer shawl in Lion Boucle (bright orange & bright green & some multi-), but have been busy reading Charlie Bone and worrying about the election.  I also did batik a long-sleeved t-shirt with a peace sign on it a few days ago when I was making up a few more sheep & llama & bunny shirts.

Anyhow, I was reading up on various things to do with the Presidential election and found this blog post that I thought was great.  I will just direct you to go read it.  Margaret & Helen on Those Damn Poor People Ruin Everything.

I am also looking (locally, Huntington, WV) for a live frog or two that I can borrow for a couple weeks for my Sunday school class…Please contact me through the comments (or by email if you know me IRL already) if you have a frog I could borrow or that you could catch in your yard for me??  We are talking about the plagues that came to Egypt when Pharoah wouldn’t let the people go… Thanks!  🙂


One Response to “More politics through the lens of Margaret & Helen”

  1. Turbo Says:

    Thanks for the link to this blog.

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