Barbara Jordan speech & some upcoming events in Huntington area

I am piggybacking off someone else’s blog again, but I followed this link and was very impressed and, as it spoke to me, I thought it might speak to you as well.

Barbara Jordan’s speech at the DNC in 1976

And my fiber-adventures are still sortof on hold.  Today I NEED to clean up my HOUSE.  Ugh.  It is absolutely essential, lol, because I need to get my dining room table cleaned off and put on my Halloween tablecloth on before I miss the whole darned holiday!

The boys and I did NOT find any frogs yesterday when we went out to the creek.

Mark your calendar, if you are local to me (Huntington, WV):  This coming Monday, 10/27/2008, author Resa Nelson is coming to the public library to talk about her new book The Dragonslayer’s Sword, which I read an advance copy of.  I enjoyed the book quite a bit–I wonder if there will be a sequel??  Anyhow, she is coming at 6:30 pm and the Port Oasis SCA folks are coming to do a little fencing demo, too.  The book is, I think, best for “young adult” readers up to adults.  A middle school friend also enjoyed it (he reads the Harry Potter books and the Eragon series and the Eclipse series) it.  It starts with the main character as a quite young girl (she is 8, I think), but then skips to when she is around 20.  The storyline is quite captivating and I did not find it to be too much like any other dragon book that I’d already read.  There is (or there was in the galley copy) one scene in which her breasts were described in some detail, but there wasn’t really anything else that younger kids ought to be troubled by.  The Book Nook is getting her to come in to do the presentation and it looks like the book will cost about $15.  I expect (but have not verified!) that you will be able to buy a copy.

If you have younger children, there is also a dress-up Halloween party on the fourth floor of the library at around 6 or 6:15.  I will probably dress in my SCA garb and start at the party upstairs, go down to hear Resa and then go back to check on the kids…Which means, unfortunately, that I will miss my River Cities Fiber Clan guild meeting, which is also this coming Monday at the First Southern Baptist Church in South Point, OH.


And, oh my goodness,  can’t seem to stop with the politics!

Jon Stewart & Jason Jones on Wasilla’s Main Street.

And, on a more serious note:

Colin Powell endorsing Obama


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