for Missy or others who might not vote

You SHOULD research the choices and VOTE, for heaven’s sake!  Maybe you will find an article like this helpful.


Today I met Missy.  She’s a single, working mom and she told me she wasn’t sure if she was going to vote at all in the Presidential election, because she isn’t convinced that either of the candidates are really qualified to be President.  She does like Colin Powell.  I hope she keeps in mind that Colin Powell endorsed Obama.  If you think neither candidate is really right but ONE of them IS going to be elected next week and will be President in a few months, you best vote for the one that is most likely to make the best decisions for the country and the one who has the most qualified advisors.  A lot of leadership is knowing which people to trust and which not to trust.  On different issues.  I found this article interesting.


Also, while we are still talking about the election, I heard some voices on NPR yesterday saying that EVEN IF you have voted before, double-check to make sure that your registration is in order BEFORE November 5.  You can go to GO VOTE or another similar website and check on your registration and verify your polling place and districts, etc.


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