Nadine taught me to crochet

Nadine came over to pay me more money for my/her Babe wheel and get more bobbins yesterday. While she was here I forced her to give me a little help getting started crocheting–I keep thinking I maybe ought to know how. Tried before and found it frustrating and, to be honest, Samantha told me I was doing it funny. So I stopped. But, people keep showing me cute crocheted things that I am jealous of, PLUS, it is apparently FASTER than knitting. At least my knitting. Anyhow. I made a double-crochet hat from the top down.

crochet hat

Thanksgiving was good.  We drove up to NY to visit my in-laws and I got my birthday presents early–alpaca roving from the farmer’s market and a ball winder.  David also “whipped up” a drop spindle for me from some black walnut that he had–so that I could spin the alpaca, since I hadn’t brought a spindle or wheel.  The alpaca is hard to spin on a spindle, but it was lovely when I got it home to my wheel.


I also knit two pairs of fingerless mitts from some handspun superwash wool and gave one pair to Sunny.  I haven’t added the thumbs onto the ones I kept for myself.


One Response to “Nadine taught me to crochet”

  1. Nadine B Says:

    Oh My Goodness! That is so awesome. Yay, you are a crocheter (or hooker as we enjoy refering to ourselves 🙂 Well, I do anyway.

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