Happy New Year 2009!

We had nice Christmas celebrations, shared with our church family at First United Methodist Church in Huntington, a couple of bachelor friends who shared meals wtih us, and with my in-laws, who drove down from Ithaca, NY. The kids got lots of toys.

I got some clothing, a bunch of DVDS and CDs and YARN of course, and, very interesting, a book on growing one’s own yarn dyes along with 3 packets of natural dyestuffs. My FIL spent a lot of his time reading the book and promising he wouldn’t steal it, so I haven’t read the whole thing yet. Already, however, I am plotting how I could get indigo to grow in my yard.

I spent a bunch of hours knitting and spinning and reading, as well as the regular tons of cooking so that I can have all the “right” foods for the holiday. New Year’s Eve the kids asked to stay up until midnight, which, I was pretty sure they were unable to actually do. We put on Prince Caspian on DVD and they were asleep halfway through (by 9:30 pm). Andrew and I watched the whole thing and then some Lois & Clark and then went to bed–not quite midnight. I stayed up, however, until 3 am (Happy New Year!) reading Graceling by Kristin Cashore.

I loved Graceling!  I brought it to our playgroup to loan to my 12-year old friend who liked those Twilight books and reads lots of fantasy.  He already had a copy at home because his mom’s friend’s friend WROTE it!  Cool. Anyhow, I really enjoyed it.  The main character is a strong, flawed young woman and there is magic and adventure and some romance, too.


I finished, finally, spinning my samples of Optim fiber from Chameleon Colorworks and plyed it and am knitting a cowl-type thing out of it (I hope) with a feather & fan lace pattern.

I meant to post a photo of the crocheted earflap hat I made from handspun Jacob wool…but I haven’t downloaded it yet.  Sorry!

Also, even though I’m not probably going to be participating in it (yet), I am stoked to find out more about EAGLE homeschooling group that my knitting friend Crystal is a big force behind.  I haven’t seen Crystal much at the library knit night–too bad, I could have found out about this earlier, but I’m sure it is one of the reasons I haven’t seen much of her.  lol


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