River Cities Fiber Clan guild party

I had lots of fun, ate lots of food, saw fiber friends that I don’t get to see all the time, came home with some new stuff. All in all, a good time. And I brought DH and kids along and nobody complained too much. 🙂

In the “household exchange” I got 3 cotton washcloths (all matching/coordinating, including a round one!) and a little bottle of hand lotion from Joan. In the yarn/fiber exchange I got a gallon ziploc bagful of angora rabbit fur from a rabbit named CoCo that Laurie cannot spin because she is allergic.

I started spinning up the angora I got from Laurie in the fiber swap with some shetland (bought as raw wool from handsandnotions etsy shop a few months ago and washed myself)! Drat this unable-to-spin-fat-anymore thing! I have resorted to carding the little batts on my hand cards–about half angora and half shetland lambswool, and then pulling from one corner to pre-draft it out into something almost like pencil roving and then spinning it with hardly any more drafting (except trying to even out lumpy spots). That is working pretty well. I dyed some of the shetland with cherry kool aid and I’m going to ply one cherry single with one grey/tan single. Wish me luck!

I was going to ask Laurie for the pinecone pattern, but I found one online already (I’m not much of a crocheter yet, not sure if I can FOLLOW the pattern, lol, but it was at http://planetmfiles.com/2008/12/18/free-crochet-pine-cone-pattern/ )

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