Oh my goodness! Dr. Horrible is great!

Finally got around to watching Joss Weedon’s Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog and it was really really good! Go watch it online for free via Hulu or download the mp3s for your iPod at iTunes. http://drhorrible.com/

I LOVE Nick Fillion and Firefly and Neil Patrick Harris is not too shabby either.  And, they really sing!  So cool!

2 Responses to “Oh my goodness! Dr. Horrible is great!”

  1. 2sly4you Says:

    It really is terrific – and I HIGHLY recommend the DVD. There is a commentary on there, “Commentary! The Musical”, that will blow your socks off! I swear, it’s as good as the movie itself, or better. Worth the cash, hands down.

  2. Nadine B Says:

    I know, I love it too! The boy was supposed to get the dvd and soundtrack for Christmas but they sold out of the soundtrack and the DVD wouldn’t ship. I think he is using Christmas money to get it himself. I can’t wait.

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