Still knitting …

Yesterday during my Mayberry Bible study I worked on my feather & fan cowl knit  from Optim handspun. Over the last few days I mostly knit a pair of socks on the CSM with Heart & Sole Spring Stripes and am hand-knitting the heels and toes with black. I also cast on a Simple But Effective Shawl, but haven’t worked much on it.
It has been pretty cold (for here). Yesterday I wore my down parka. Probably not quite necessary–it was 10 degrees F–but I was cozy. Anyhow, it has been so cold (and the kids have been home so much) that I have missed my regular walks. I bought a “mini-stepper” yesterday. Not, I’m sure, as good as a gym membership and swimming or treadmilling or stairclimbing, but quite inexpensive and SMALL.
We have Guild meeting next Monday and afterschool bookclub today (stories about animals). Oh, and the Cabell County library’s Chinese New Year celebration is this Saturday at 11 am!


One Response to “Still knitting …”

  1. Susan Johnson Says:

    Greetings from Arkansas,
    Have been searching the web for circular sock knitting machines and
    came across this site. If you should know of any csm’s for sale, would you please let me know?
    And what are you studying in the Bible these days?
    Thank you

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