White Hart

Port Oasis Event

Tournament of the White Hart XIII

February 27-March 1
Cabell County 4-H Camp and Conference Center

6040 Booten Creek Rd., Barboursville, WV, 25504

My family belongs to the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism).   My lord (husband, for you mundanes, which is like muggles, lol) fences (you know, with rapier and epee, swords).  We dress up like Vikings (Andrew’s family is half-Norwegian and the rest Anglo-Saxon, while mine is mongrel European) because of the family thing and the fact that the clothes are easy to sew and easy to wear.  I am all about the Arts & Sciences, because one finds other spinners, knitters, weavers, lucet-ers (I have one but haven’t learned how to do it yet), and naalbinders (which I still need to learn to do) at events.


White Hart is a pretty small event.  It is mostly about the fighting (fencing and “heavy”), but there is also food and fellowship.  They do not normally have scheduled classes, per se, but if I know in advance I am happy to show people how to drop spindle or knit.  I can do this WITHOUT notice, lol, if people bring their own supplies.

If you want to come, follow that link and plan to be there–it is only a couple of weeks away!

Oh, if you are interested in that sort of thing, there is also Blackstone Raids in Ripley, WV April 24-26.

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