Abandoned the crochet socks, starting “groovy” crocheted vest?

I have only gotten two rows of the vest done, so I don’t know if I will end up liking the process or the product yet, but I thought it might be fun. The pattern is from Groovy Crochet archives that I found someplace else and now cannot remember where.  Single crochet and chaining.  Very open and what I think of as crochet.  I am using my 3-color brown/white/dark brown handspun (on the right in the photo from last? month) from roving I got at The Sheep Shed Studio a year or two ago.  A “K” hook, like the pattern asked for.  I have a store-bought long open vest that I got a few years ago and people nearly always comment that they like it when I wear it.  One of those crochet-front, plain stockinette-knit back, single button on the bust area.  This one is dark rose pink and I normally wear it with a black turtleneck or t-shirt underneath.

When I get more than a couple rows of the vest done I will take a photo for you!

I ordered more “spinning bells” from SSS, but they don’t have those listed anymore on their mill ends page–if you want them you have to ask Carol special.  There is a long story about it on the SSS group on Ravelry.  I like them because you can spin up a woolen-style soft yarn more easily than with roving and without having to do all the carding yourself.  I like love soft yarns but don’t have a drum carder and hand-carding is a lot of work!  With the spinning bells, I can spin most of it without extra work and then at the end I hand-card the tangled bits leftover in my little tub.  So, I ordered a few pounds of “grab bag”.  I don’t mind sharing that when I am teaching or practicing–I am selfish and don’t want to share anything I had to wash myself and hand-card, nor anything I paid for by the ounce!

P.S.  Wished I’d looked at ALL of the sales on SSS before I made my order, because I would have liked some of the Prairie Silk yarn at $3/skein, but the shipping is too much to buy twice in one week!

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