Guild “report” and felted mittens

Guild was great last night, even though we had some no-shows from regulars (you know who you are!) and we did not start the crochet-along-shawls.  Biggest turnout that I have seen for a meeting (versus a party)–Nancy said there were 29 people there!  Nadine demonstrated/taught needlefelting to some people and we had lots of spinners and knitters and snacks and fellowship!

I made this funny-looking sheep? dog? with 3-d needlefelting.


Getting ready for White Hart, so I am making felted mittens out of Goodwill sweaters again.  Hey, the queen bought a pair last year!

pict1622I have a pattern I got online for these mittens, but since the evil-crash-of-the-old-hard-drive I only can find the printed copy and I cannot remember where I got it!  So sorry!  You can make your own pattern.  I pre-wash the wool sweaters once and then I cut them out (still a bit big, since you will need to have a seam allowance AND they will still shrink a bit more after sewing), sew them with a whipstitch/blanket stitch on the outside with feltable wool yarn, wash them again.

I am not sure exactly how historically accurate these mittens are, but, as they are simple, I am willing to think they are reasonable for SCA.  For some better documented felted mittens, go here.  But, hey, I’m all about the “creative” in SCA.


One Response to “Guild “report” and felted mittens”

  1. Nancy Says:

    I love the mittens. I have seen patterns for making them out of sweaters. If I find one, I’ll email it to you.

    P.S. I bought a tri-loom on Ebay last night after I came home from the meeting. 12″ Can’t afford the big ones.

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