The beret/slouchy hat.

pict1623maybe wants to be something else.  It is pretty, but (maybe because I used fat yarn, maybe because I have a tiny little pinhead and short hair?) too big.  I mean, it FITS my head, but there is too much hat.  I look like a rastafarian.  Not that there is anything wrong with that if you ARE a rastafarian, but I am not.

Jenn thinks the hat wants to be a lined drawstring bag.


Nadine thinks maybe the yarn wants to be ripped out and made into a different hat.

I have to do SOMETHING with it.  I washed and teased and spun and dyed and knit the wool.  I didn’t cut the yarn yet–the last stitch from the cast off is on a little scrap of fabric.  Maybe I will let it sit for a few days and think about it.


Tomorrow is our SCA Tournament of the White Hart.  I made cookies (“oatmeal toffee”) for the lunch/sideboard.  I have felted mittens and bags and batik shirts to sell.  I have the feast gear packed up.  Nadine is joining us–we will both be spinning.  The kids will have their Game Boys and a chess set.  Andrew is right now (approximately) defending the Sylvan Iron Ring in a duel (fencing).  If he keeps it tonight, he might have to defend it again tomorrow, along with the “touch your heart” tournament for fencers.  There is also heavy fighting.  Unfortunately, the weather report says 40 degrees and maybe rain.  Bleah.  If it is gross out I will wear my “mundane” clothes and change into garb when I get to the 4H camp, because I  hate dragging the skirt of my gown around in mud.  Double bleah.


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