Different hat with mystery stitch

So, I crocheted this hat:


Nadine and Baroness Alex were watching me and making funny faces. What??!? Apparently, at some point, my double crochet that I think I did properly on the Jacob hat became something else. Neither Alex nor Nadine knew what it was called. I finished the hat using it and it is cute, but it is a mystery what it ought to have been called.

I will maybe get photos of me doing the stitch to see if anyone recognizes it. I don’t “read” crochet, so I don’t know what the book is talking about when they describe how a stitch is made. For this one I have one loop on the hook. Insert hook into next stitch on the spiral. Yarn over twice (two new wraps on end of hook). Pull end wrap through TWO loops (the new


 wrap you made plus the loop you picked up from the edge). Yarn over one more time. Pull that through the remaining stitches on the hook.

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