My Suffolk wool arrived!

A fellow SCAdian/Spindler sent me a boxful of Suffolk fleece and it arrived today. I sent her some Coopworth, but she sent me more. Thanks Wendy!

I put about 1/3 of it into lingerie bags and have it soaking in a bucketful of hot, soapy (shampoo) water. I can’t wait to see how it comes out and how it spins up.

I am wondering if this is the same kind of sheep my friends Jane & Jerry have…When I got some of theirs before I think it was “old” and had lots of vm and I eventually gave up on it. I am in “negotiations” with Jane to get the meat from one of their lambs in a couple of months (I have to get a freezer first), in my attempt to eat more healthy, locally produced food. We are attempting to eat more veggies and we already don’t eat a huge amount of meat, but I thought that some local grass-fed lamb would be a good idea.


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