River Cities Fiber Clan Guild Retreat!!

Yay! Mitzi has scheduled our retreat!!! April 3-4 at Asbury Woods (Salt Rock?, WV). Goodie bags for the first 30 people who sign up. Details to follow.


If you live around here and want in on this, check out the yahoo group for more info about our Guild in general and also to sign up for the retreat.  This year the theme is Fiber Fiesta again, which is good because nearly everyone likes Mexican-type food, which we made our main theme last year.  Lots of chips and make  your own burritos/tacos/rice.  And treats like cake.  Of course.

Last year I had so much fun!  We had a ton of yummy food and even more yummy fiber goodies.  Stayed up late Friday spinning (seriously, I have to get up and stretch more often this time) and eating and we had door prizes and lots of good fellowship.  Been in negotiations with DH about going–he doesn’t mind, but April is iffy with Blackstone Raids and the Yeager Scholars trip… I started reading Emmy and the Incredible Shrinking Rat to my kids tonight and the girl’s parents are never home.  My younger son kept saying how awful that was and how he knows that I would rather be with them than away on vacation for 5 weeks.  That is true, I said, but I am going to take TWO days and go about 12 miles away for this Fiber retreat next month and you will stay with Daddy and you’ll be fine.  He’ll spoil you for the weekend.

I told Mitzi I’d donate a batik t-shirt.  I’ll bring my basketful of “stock” and the recipient can chose one so they can get the right color/animal/size.

A friend of mine (Aimee) bought me a Shetland fleece (greys & browns, she said, I haven’t seen it yet) at a fiber retreat on Saturday (Hawk’s Nest, Fiber Network).  This morning I washed up the last I had in a box from handsandnotions etsy shop–rambo/cormo with a little “free sample” of Targhee.  I LOVE the targhee so far (and it isn’t even dry yet)–I might need to see if I can get more of it.

And I started on the process for the Sunny batik shirts.  I painted/dyed the yellow parts on two kids white shirts and used the blue glue to outline the sun on a yellow shirt.  When the dye and glue are dry, I will (soy)wax over the suns and dye the shirts in a bath–haven’t decided black or cobalt blue, yet.  Whichever one will also be the color for the special order llama shirt I’m doing.  She couldn’t decide which color.  I’m leaning toward the black/dark grey…but haven’t definitely decided.

There was an article in the Ashland Independent about our Guild, too.


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